Download Anime InuYasha Batch Sub Indo Google Drive

Download Anime InuYasha Batch Sub Indo Google Drive
InuYasha Bacth

ZONANGOPI.COM, Download Anime InuYasha Batch Episode Sub Indo Subtitle Indonesia 480p 720p HD Hard Sub Google Drive via zip rar winrar – The story begins in Tokyo, Japan, a high school girl named Higurashi Kagome. He was looking for his cat Buyo who fell into a sacred well, because his sister was afraid to enter.

When Kagome reached the mouth of the well, a centipede or Mukade Joro’s stealth emerged from inside the Hone-kui no Ido or Bone Eater Well and attacked him. The demon attacks Kagome who turns out to have the Four Soul Ball (四 魂 の 玉 Shikon no Tama) in his body, and wishes to seize it.

Kagome is then dragged into the Sengoku or Sengoku Jidai periods. Kagome, who was confused by the surroundings that turned into a forest, tried to find a way out and saw a sacred tree (Goshinboku), where Kagome saw a man with silver hair and an unusual ear on his head.

The curious Kagome then approached the man and grabbed his strange ear, suddenly he was attacked by villagers who thought Kagome was a fox stealth incarnation.

Anime InuYasha Subtitle Indonesia

Kaede tells how 50 years ago, a han’yō (half-stealth) named InuYasha tried to steal Shikon no Tama from Kikyo. With severe injuries, Kikyo managed to release the arrow, to seal InuYasha and make InuYasha sleep eternal and not be able to pull the arrow, except by someone as strong as Kikyo herself.

Then came Kagome from the present and pulled the seal of InuYasha who was sleeping, because Mukade Joro’s demon reappeared. InuYasha, who woke up again, behaved unfriendly with a Kagome similar to Kikyo.

One day a group of evil people emerged who wanted to take Shikon no Tama, and it turned out that their leader was dead and possessed by the demon crow or Shibugarasu.

Wanting to distract Shibugarasu, Kagome throws Shikon no Tama out and is finally swallowed up by Shibugarasu so that he becomes stronger and attacks a small child, InuYasha who is impatient, takes out his moves and makes Shibugarasu crushed and the child falls into the river.

Kagome saves him, then sees Shibugarasu returning to his original form with the help of Shikon no Tama, and there is Shibugarashu’s leg left on the boy’s shirt, so Kagome releases his arrow while tying Shibugarasu’s leg to his arrow, and succeeds Shibugarasu on the arrow together with Shikon no Tama so Shikon no Tama broke up to pieces and scattered all over the place.

Then InuYasha and Kagome’s adventure began in search of the Four Soul Ball which had become a fraction. One by one the InuYasha and Kagome groups increased, from Shippo, Miroku, and the last Sango with Kirara while fighting the emerging enemies.

Sinopsis Anime InuYasha Batch

  • Type: TV
  • Episodes: 167
  • Status: Finished Airing
  • Start: Oct 16, 2000
  • End: Sep 13, 2004
  • Source: Manga
  • Duration: 24 menit
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Demons, Fantasy, Magic, Romance, Shounen, Supernatural
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